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Ora Yoga is a yoga therapy company that aims to help clients heal themselves through yoga, with a focus on providing yoga as a way to gain self-esteem, deal with stress, anxiety and depression. At the heart of Ora Yoga is a desire to help people heal themselves from past trauma, negative self-beliefs and pain inflicted from others.

Nichola is the director and operator of Ora Yoga and teaches a gentle traditional hatha yoga class that focuses on connecting breath with movement, self-esteem growth and self-love. Nichola has a one year Diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College, loves teaching yoga classes for mums, asana and art meditation and SUP Yoga in summer. When Nichola is not teaching yoga she is spending her time with her beautiful two young children or teaching film classes for kids in school holidays.

Nichola began working Ora Yoga during her diploma studies, her first full year out of a domestically violent relationship. Nichola became aware of how traditional yoga practices combined with physical asana classes were having a positive effect on all aspects of her life and healing, especially how she saw herself through self-esteem. It became Nichola’s passion and dream to help other survivors of domestic violence, abuse, trauma and low self-esteem begin their own personal healing journey.

Nichola's Story

Ora Yoga was established in 2015 when I was at the end of my yoga diploma. After practising yoga on and off for over 12 years this was the first time I had had a consistent practice. I noticed through different yoga practices I was undertaking and allowing time for myself, my self esteem was returning. I was recently out of a domestically violent relationship and had not realised how much of my self esteem had been stripped away until I started seeing it return. Slowly I found I had love for aspects of myself I always thought I would hate.

Asana, the physical practice of yoga gave me strength and courage to believe in myself, Pranayama breathing techniques have allowed me to slow down with my reactions in stressful moments, and having regular set time for myself has made me more able to focus on what my kids need when I am with them instead of having my mind in multiple places at once.

After my personal journey, which continues to grow, I want to share what I have experienced and will continue to experience with others that are looking for self esteem growth, ways to get by with depression, anxiety and every day stress life involves.




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 Nichola Jones

Nichola Jones

Director & Teacher

Nichola Jones

Nichola is a mum, yoga teacher and film maker. Nichola grew up in Christchurch and has lived in Auckland since 2004. Being a survivor of domestic violence and discovering some tools through yoga that aided in her self esteem growth, Nichola aims to share these experiences with others to help them grow their self esteem and self love.

Nichola has a one year diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College and has been teaching yoga classes and workshops since 2015. Nichola will begin taking Yoga retreats through Ora Yoga in 2017.